Birdie’s Biopsy and My Broken Heart.

Birdie’s Biopsy and My Broken Heart.

Twelve hours ago now, our wonderful vet accidentally broke my heart. Birdie’s biopsy results came in, I was just so sure it she’d dodge another bullet, like she always has…. not this time.

Birdie has squamous cell carcinoma, there is now a large cancerous tumour currently taking over her ear and has possibly spread elsewhere. Squamous cell carcinoma is a typically slow growing skin cancer; I’ll save you all the boring medical details for now but I have been madly googling it all day!

Once I got over the initial shock, I went to find Birdie who had missed breakfast yet again and was fast asleep in the bottom of my wardrobe, snoring away like a distant tea kettle whistling out… It’s the cutest snore in the world. I dragged her out for a cuddle and a cry, and she just purred away and began making biscuits. Classic Birdie.

Surgery isn’t an option at this point for Birdie, her recovery from her biopsy anaesthetic was slow, and she doesn’t deserve the risk that comes with a much longer, more invasive surgery at her age. Birdie deserves as many good days as she wants, as many cuddles as she can handle… and as much time as she truly has…

It could be days, it could be weeks or months, she could surprise us all YET AGAIN and give us years… as long as she is happy, she’ll be here.

I’m sure of one thing, Birdie’s bucket list is coming back, we never finished it before and what better time than now to start again… She is sitting next to me as I write this, looking at me and telling me nothing at all is wrong, nothing has changed, I’m a mess. She is fine. We’re not going to live like it’s over… as far as we’re concerned… it’s not even close to done!

Photos from the first time I met her, and her first week home ❤️

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