Always, Mister Whittaker.

Always, Mister Whittaker.

You, you came to me skinny, sad and tired. The vets told us you were likely to be 20 years old, or older! With ground down teeth (age), FIV (Feline Immunodefiency Virus), plus pretty much deaf and blind… But most of all – just about to steal my heart.

A wonderful team of Community Rangers brought you to Perth Rescue Angels, who made sure you had a second chance at life. No one would be blamed for letting you cross the Rainbow Bridge when you were first found – you didn’t look well. I’m thankful there are people who allow cats like you a second chance; the option of living if that’s what you want to do.

There our journey began, at first quiet and shy; you soon became lively and chatty. Oh so chatty, and LOUD! You had a lot to say. Lost time to make up for? Stories to tell? No doubt. You began eating more, exploring more. It was a beautiful transformation.

There was so much improvement I thought I needed to find you something truly special – your own home. I wrote your profile for our friends at Perth Rescue Angels, you were a star on their Facebook Page. I knew you’d end up exactly where you should be. A forever home, a family of your own.

What I didn’t realise was that you’d already found your forever home. You’d found it weeks ago. It was the moment I carried you through my front door. You were home.

You had your favourite places to be; in the warm morning sun; curled up on a cushy bed in the lounge room. You even managed to get your blind, deaf self up onto my king sized bed so that you could nap with me. That was my favourite too.

I experienced many ‘firsts’ with you. I watched an elderly kitty transform from tired and frail to lively and well. You met new friends, not a mean bone in your body despite their apprehensions of a newcomer. You reminded me that FIV is not bad news for cats, if humans give them the opportunity to flourish. Most of all, you taught me that when it’s time, it’s time.

Your time arrived suddenly, it was a couple of days between realising you had once again lost your joy for life and letting you go. I took you for a bushwalk, and you enjoyed the suns rays on your fur while I listened; to the crunching of dry leaves beneath your feet; your little chirps to request a pat so you knew I was still there; the bugs buzzing about… I can hear it all now.

We spent our last minutes together curled up on the floor, waiting for the medicine to take you away. Away to the Rainbow Bridge to meet all of those who’d left us before you. That was a year ago today.

My eyes are stinging and my heart burns while I write these words; no other posts shared on our social media have ever reached so many kind people across the globe, no other posts have received so many beautiful comments and kind words; and it’s all that you deserve.

Here’s to you, you always have been, you always will be – Mister Whittaker.

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