Getting To Know Me: Fancy, Winning Hearts Worldwide

Getting To Know Me: Fancy, Winning Hearts Worldwide

Arguably the biggest purrsonality stuffed into the smallest kitty you’ll ever see; Fancy rules the roost here at The Sweetest Meow.

Fancy’s First Photoshoot.

Fancy Fun Facts: 

Adoption Date: 29/10/17
Time it took for Mumma to decide to adopt me: .3 seconds. From a photo no less.
Height: Miniature AF (about 30cm tall in total)
Weight:  Not very much, aka the purrfect weight coated in maximum floof. 
Favourite Food: Whatever Mumma is eating, even if she tells me 100 times I won’t like it or can’t eat it. I wanna see it for myself! 
Favourite Hobby: Dribbling, closely followed by inquisitively meowing for explanations and then ignoring 100% of the explanations.
Occupation: Expert Freelance Disruptor; she works for no one, she’ll disrupt anything including meals, sleep, housework and really anything else – and she cannot be ignored (how could you, literally?)  

The first photo I ever saw of Fancy.

I still feel Fancy’s story is best told by others, like these; here and here. I can’t always express in words how special Fancy is. Not knowing exactly what she has been through in her past is difficult, as with any rescue pet, and Fancy has clearly been through a lot. She has come out on top though and that is what matters. So here goes my story of Fancy so far:

A+ Cuddles with Fancy.

I spied a wonky little face on a missing pets post on Facebook, a golden tabby with flat ears and a sideways nose. Just like that, I was in love. Lucky for me I was an active volunteer with one of Perth’s most amazing animal rescues and the President was tagged in a flash. “Will you take her?” was the speedy response and I was soon on my way to collect an unnamed little ball of floof. That sweet little cat had been found on the street and no one came looking for her. I wasn’t surprised by that, but saddened.

The Famous Tongue and Leggie.

On the way home in her cardboard carry box (a proper animal one, don’t worry!), she did her best to make an escape. She was a little wild! I can’t lie, it was a big scary world for her.

These Days: Fancy is always ready for a meowdelling job.

The still nameless kitty was full of sass and not sure what to make of this whole new world – in foster care. I called on the awesome members of the ‘Cool Fun Cat Group’ on Facebook for name suggestions. They were all so great! But nothing seemed to fit. Two days later, finally it hit me! 

She walked with a hop in her step, she meowed like a people and her soul shone through those owl-like eyes with the power of the sun.

Actual Cuddle Monster.

She was nothing short of fancy. So she became Fancy.

That Face!

We thought at first, she had to be a cute little scottish fold with a cleft lip, right?! A couple of vet visits confirmed something entirely different. Fancy’s unique look didn’t come from birth defects or specialty breeding – they came from us. Humans, or a human – who thought hurting an animal was okay. I often wonder if they know she survived? Some days I dwell on what she went through, but if I look at her quirky little face and see the happiness in her eyes, I don’t dwell long.

Christmas 2019 – Before the Santa Hat.

Fancy has fast become a ‘crowd favourite’ among our social media family too. The more her story is shared, the more people learn about rescue pets, second chances and compassion for all animals (and people!).
It took nearly a year for Fancy to truly settle in, at first a little nervous, she would spend what felt like hours meticulously covering her scent in the garden and resting with what seemed like one eye open – a survival mechanism I’m sure. She would sleep alone at first, always well away from everyone.
She would begin sitting with the other pets, and with me, but no cuddles! No cuddles for about 4 months, which in the scheme of things isn’t long! Now I can’t go anywhere at home without her, she is like one of the dogs. It’s just about the sweetest thing.

Sharing Meals is a Must.

Animals have a beautiful ability to move past things, even horrible things. Fancy and her adopted siblings have taught me so much, about not wasting time holding grudges. It’s better to just live! Life is for living afterall and I’ve never seen this more than in the ability to love, and in the antics of a rescue pet with a second chance.

Although Fancy is not the first cat I have fostered or adopted since beginning my feline rescue journey, she came out on top as the most popular to write about first. Birdie was a close second, so stay tuned to read more about Birdie.


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Thank you as always, to Perth Rescue Angels for entrusting me as Fancy’s guardian. If you’re looking for a new family member and you’re in the wider Perth area, check them out!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us,

Katie xo

Fancy in the Mews:

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