Meet The Team: Rookie, Wibbly-wobbling her way into hearts across the world.

Meet The Team: Rookie, Wibbly-wobbling her way into hearts across the world.

Rookie Fun Facts:

When we met: April 2018
Time it took for Mumma to decide to adopt me: A couple of weeks! 
Height: You ever tried to measure a wobbling kitty? Heh heh 
Weight: About 4kg, she be a chonk. Big boned of course. 
Favourite Food: Definitely fancy feast chicken in gravy. 
Favourite Hobby: Falling over, obviously. 
Occupation: Drunken girl at parties (parties =  dinner time with the other pets in the kitchen.)

The first photo of Rookie sent by the pound.

Oh nameless wobbly kitty, how did you find yourself without a family? 

Perth Rescue Angels sent me a couple of photos, a kitty that probably has the wobbles, alone in an animal facility (a pound). “Can you go get her at all?” And just like that, I was on my way.

Fast friends.

This wobbly, bobbly ‘drunken’ kitty was a tabby with just about the cutest spotted tummy and creamy coloured chin I’ve ever seen. She was quiet and a little shy. Likely about 18 months old, and ‘found as a stray’. Thoughts raced through my mind as they always do, like; ‘did they just open the door and let you out?’, ‘did they actually think you’d safely make it back home by yourself, and then just didn’t look for you when you didn’t return?’, I don’t know, and probably never will. Those thoughts break a little piece of my heart every time I meet a rescue pet.

Post-desexing fashion.

She was quiet the whole way home. Not a peep. We arrived home and the snuggles started, I’ve never met a cat who gives better cuddles than this kitty. Well, I guess she doesn’t give them – she gets them. She melts into you like a liquid and it’s just the cutest thing you’ll ever experience. Then she dribbles because she is so happy… ha ha! 

Nameless kitty was booked in for her standard vet work and a confirmation of her suspected neurological disorder. It was confirmed she has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, you can read more about this condition here and here. It’s also been found over time that she has sight issues – these may or may not be related to CH. After her sterilisation and vaccination, she recovered at home with me in a baby onesie – yep, purely to protect her stitches from bumps and knocks. Swiftly, I gave her the name Rookie: what else do you name a kitty who will never really ‘kitty’, she’ll always stumble, she’ll always miss the mark when she pounces, she’ll always fall and bump into things. She will always be a rookie. 

Riding in the car!

This little kitty quickly befriended our senior superstar Birdie, napping together, eating side by side. Always close by. She then moved on to, well just about everyone else in the family. She will lean on anyone nearby for stability and it took a little while for the other pets to realise that she just needs a shoulder to literally lean on while she found her balance. She is everyone’s best friend, takes a swipe of rejection from any of the other cats in her stride, and will crawl over/under/around anyone to be in the best spot for a snooze.

Friends at the bar.

Rookie will always be a little bit of a pain in the butt too. I say that with all the love in the world, she will have accidents outside her litter tray, drop food just about everywhere, need extra cleans and baths, and LOADS of extra attention. She can be shy and a little skittish at times, but I put it down to her sight issues, and of course her CH. She falls flat on her back, falls off the bed, falls over her own feet. Do I care? Not in the slightest. 

I made Rookie the same promise I make every pet I meet. I’ll give you everything you need, and if one day I can’t I will make sure someone can help me continue to do that.

Who wouldn’t love this face?

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Love you guys, Katie x 

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  1. B. LaMalfa

    I love this…the photos, the fact that you took the time to do it, their beautiful stories…how touching. Just what I needed today. Kitty love from Oz! LOVE IT! I read about Birdie, too. How is she doing?

    1. thesweetestmeow

      Aw thank you so much B❤️ Birdie is still doing so so well. She amazes me every day. She is still very happy 😻

  2. Brenda

    Rookie is so beautiful and has such wisdom in her young, gorgeous face. I’m so glad about Birdie!!!!! 🙂 xoxoxo
    I have no doubt, Katie my friend, that you are exactly where and what you need to be, for these amazing, gorgeous, perfectly imperfect fur babies that have changed a LOT of peoples’ lives. I vote for Gat Cat (Gatsby) next! I wanna hear his story again!!! Love you all so much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Denise Rees

    Love to gear all anout your amazing furfamily.
    Snoopy is the Evil Empress. Bites scratches and generalky bad tempered, but can also be sweet and loving.

  4. Denise Rees

    They are the sweetest troupe of Cat’s I have ever seen.
    Snoopy is snarly but cute sometimes.

    1. thesweetestmeow

      Aww thank you! I fully expected most of the crew to be moody like cats usually are – and we love them anyway – but they have just remained the sweetest. I’m very blessed.

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