A Very Fancy Food Review – Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Cat Range

A Very Fancy Food Review – Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Cat Range

Listening to humans chew their food loudly – ick.
Listening to cats cronch and mouth breathe their way through a bowl of chimken biscuits – cute.

That’s how I know I’m a cat person. It doesn’t even gross me out when Fancy dribbles her way towards my face after consuming her weight in biscuits, only to breathe all over me while licking her little chops. Fine! Call me a crazy cat lady. 

I’m blessed to have cats that will share their food, and no one is a total piggy so I can leave their bowls topped up and let them graze as they please Though that does mean sometimes I wake up to that ‘hufhg ufhg hufggg’ scoffing noise in the middle of the night – always a treat! 

Their latest biscuit obsession? Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Cat Range, chicken flavour of course. Fancy, closely followed by Gatsby are like V8 supercars running in to snatch up the fresh biscuits every morning. Purring and running, running and purring. The others? They have a slower pace, but I think it comes with knowing that they actually will never run out of biscuits – something Fancy and Gatsby haven’t quite cottoned onto just yet. 

Since my feline rescue journey began, I have tried so many types of cat food. It can be hard to know what’s healthy and what isn’t, with so many foods on the market! With six cats, I’ve been through my fair share of upturned noses, complete disinterest and even tummy upsets after trying some foods. It isn’t easy to find something that works for six completely different cats, all with their own health issues.

I have to say; the cats clearly love the biscuits and so do I!  

Speaking on behalf of the cats: they clearly smell great and have that extra crunch that cats love, they come running as soon as the bag is opened to refill their bowls. The more noise the biscuits can make while eating, the better. The biscuits also stand up to a fair amount of dribble, and stay crunchy to give all the cats a change to sink their teef into them. It’s safe to say the bowls are empty by the afternoon, no refusing to admit there are still biscuits in the bowl for this crew! 

I love them because the ingredients are good and they aren’t full of fillers and colours. I don’t need to have different biscuits and bowls on offer to cater to all six cats, and the smell of these biscuits is so vague to our meagre human noses – that’s a definite plus! They also don’t cause super smelly litter box clean ups – you cat owners know what I’m talking about, and that is the biggest plus of all!

Although I never have the chance to miss a meal time – thanks to the pets congregating in the kitchen twice a day,  I can forget to keep up with pet food orders, which is why I love Pet Circle’s auto-delivery option, keeping our supply of Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Cat Range topped up to the max, so there is giant scoops of biscuits for all the kitties on the daily! 

You can top up your kitty biscuit tin now with 20% off at Pet Circle (link to range) with our special code ‘HSDMEOW’ – only valid until September 20, 2020. 

The Verdict?

5 out of 5 Fancy Faces.

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  1. Denise Rees

    Thank you Miss Fancy and family.
    Snoopy like Science Diet T/Ds to keep her teeth clean and her tummy happy

    1. thesweetestmeow

      I’m glad Snoopy likes Hill’s too! It is a great quality biscuit isn’t it. Thanks Denise! Xo

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