New Year, New Meow.

What a whirlwind of a year we’ve had. Somehow it’s the last day of 2020, yet it still feels like March. We’ve loved and we’ve lost; and we’re still here – you and me. 

I have so much to be grateful for, amongst this mess that was 2020. I’d love to put together a story that was 2020; I’m afraid the whole thing is a bit of a beautiful blur – while mostly positive thoughts and memories fill my mind – I can’t put them in order, it’s just the kind of year we’ve had! So instead, I’ll share my hopes and dreams for 2021 and beyond with you, and I hope you’ll share yours with me. 


I have learnt a lot in the years I have been on this feline rescue journey; but in 2021 I aim to learn big! There are a great number of seminars and conventions (mostly online!) that I can learn so much more from. My greatest educator though? You guys; teaching me daily that compassion is alive and well, that there is hope, that there are kind humans worldwide and we are all working towards the same goals of reducing animal harm, pet homelessness, human loneliness and so much more. 


More of the cats? Of course! More behind the scenes? You bet! More of me? Yeah okay.

I have big big plans in terms of content and sharing with you guys in 2021. This includes more blogging and heaps more content across our social media channels. It also includes….. Vlogging, Youtube Videos and heaps more! Yep, I’m working on overcoming my camera-shyness and I’ll be right there with the crew on screen! What do you hope to see from us in 2021? Let me know and we’ll add it to the growing list! 


According to our social media in 2020; we have this skill sorted – with all those sleepy pics, you’d agree right?! But what I really mean is that in the coming months I’ll be focusing on truly relaxing and recharging. I obviously spend a lot of time on social media and I don’t want to change that – I love interacting with all of you daily, it’s one of my most favourite things to do! But when it comes time to focus on sleep, eating well, a little downtime here and there – that’s something I need to work on for sure! I’m sure many of us are the same. Phones and the internet are truly addictive, but we can all learn to switch off for a little while! 


This one excites me to no end. I’ve attempted to start this journey before, but 2019 and 2020 haven’t been the kindest to me (or a lot of us!) and so I have my sights set on 2021-22 to make this happen! 

What is this? Well, it’s very much a dream at this stage, but that’s where all good things start right? I’ll be sharing more and more in the coming weeks as I plan, plan, plan – but for now – Building a sanctuary or organisation that changes lives – is my dream. It’s time to turn that dream into plans, and make it come true. 

Lastly, and so very important to me and all of our other hopes and dreams – to grow. We’ve been so blessed to have met so many beautiful humans and their pets online so far, and in our community! I hope 2021 brings a lot of growth to the beautiful little slice of the internet that we’ve carved out so far in our journey. Without all of you I wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far, I wouldn’t have anyone to obsess over my pets with, it just wouldn’t be the same! 

To grow, I will be launching our online store in…. JANUARY 2021!! It’s been held up consistently in 2020, but no more! It’s just about ready.

I will be putting lots of energy into our Patreon, our Youtube, our socials and our website – new additions will include heaps more collaborations with other amazing humans, expert advice and education and a whole lot more interactive fun! 

It’s easy to say 2020 has been awful (and I’m not saying parts of it haven’t been), but I want to focus on the positives we’ve all experienced and the opportunities we will all have in 2021. 

Thank you for joining us on this Feline Rescue Journey and I hope you’ll stick with us for another year! 

Be safe, be merry, pawty it up! 

Katie and the Crew xx

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  1. Denise Rees

    Happy New Year thank you for you pawcitive thoughts and I hope that this year you will fulfill your dreams.
    Being positive always helps
    Thank you for the inspiration
    Denise, Snoopy and Family 😻😻😻😻🐰🐰🐶🐶

    1. thesweetestmeow

      Thank you so so much Denise and Snoopy and family!! Having you on our journey with us means so much!! Love from Katie and the whole crew xx

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