New Year, New Meow.

What a whirlwind of a year we’ve had. Somehow it’s the last day of 2020, yet it still feels like March. We’ve loved and we’ve lost; and we’re still here…

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Always, Mister Whittaker.

You, you came to me skinny, sad and tired. The vets told us you were likely to be 20 years old, or older! With ground down teeth (age), FIV (Feline…

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Birdie’s Biopsy and My Broken Heart.

Twelve hours ago now, our wonderful vet accidentally broke my heart. Birdie's biopsy results came in, I was just so sure it she'd dodge another bullet, like she always has....…

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I'm glad you're here! Check back real soon for some awesome blog posts introducing the team, sharing their stories and loads of other fun stuff! See you soon!

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